• PID_0400

    Creative USB Headset

  • PID_0401

    Creative HS-1200 Headset

  • PID_3010

    Creative Sound Blaster

    Sound Blaster Digital Music

  • PID_3015

    Creative SB Digital Music LX

    Sound Blaster Digital Music LX

  • PID_3020

    Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX

  • PID_3040

    Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External

  • PID_3041

    USB SB X-Fi XA Karaoke

  • PID_3042

    SB X-Fi Surround 5.1

  • PID_3060

    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS External

  • PID_3061

    SB Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor Audio Device

  • PID_3070

    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor Video Device

  • PID_3090

    Sound Blaster Digital Music SX

  • PID_30D2

    SB X-Fi Notebook

  • PID_30D3

    SB Play!

  • PID_30D5

    Sound Blaster Wireless

    Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes(R)

  • PID_30D8

    SB Easy Record/SB Connect Hi-Fi

  • PID_30D9

    Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset

  • PID_30DA

    Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Headset

  • PID_30DC

    Sound Blaster Tactic(3D) Alpha

  • PID_30DD

    SB X-Fi Go! Pro

  • PID_30DE

    Sound Blaster Tactic(3D) Omega

  • PID_30DF

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro

  • PID_30E0

    SB X-Fi Go!

  • PID_3220

    Sound Blaster Tactic(3D) Sigma

  • PID_4003

    Video Blaster WebCam Go Plus (WDM)

  • PID_400A

    Creative PC-CAM 300 (Composite)

    Creative PC-CAM 300 (Still Image)

    Creative PC-CAM 300 (Video)

  • PID_400B

    Creative PC-CAM 600 (Composite)

    Creative PC-CAM 600 (Still Image)

    Creative PC-CAM 600 (Video)

  • PID_400C

    Video Blaster WebCam 5 (Composite)

    Video Blaster WebCam 5 (WDM)

  • PID_400D

    Creative WebCam (WDM)

  • PID_400F

    Creative PC-CAM 550 (Composite)

    Creative PC-CAM 550 (Still)

    Creative PC-CAM 550 (Video)

  • PID_4011

    Creative WebCam Pro eX (Composite)

    Creative WebCam Pro eX (Video)

  • PID_4012

    Creative PC-CAM 350 (Composite)

    Creative PC-CAM 350 (Still Image)

    Creative PC-CAM 350 (Video)

  • PID_4013

    Creative PC-CAM 750 (Composite)

    Creative PC-CAM 750 (Still Image)

    Creative PC-CAM 750 (Video)

  • PID_4015

    Creative CardCam Value (Composite)

    Creative CardCam Value (Still Image)

    Creative CardCam Value (Video)

  • PID_4016

    Creative CardCam

    Creative Labs Digital Camera

  • PID_4019

    USB Audio Device

  • PID_401C

    Creative WebCam NX

  • PID_401D

    Creative WebCam NX Ultra

  • PID_401E

    Creative WebCam NX Pro

  • PID_401F

    Creative WebCam Notebook

  • PID_4020

    Creative WebCam NX

  • PID_4021

    Creative WebCam NX Ultra

  • PID_4022

    Creative WebCam NX Pro

  • PID_4028

    Creative WebCam Vista Plus

  • PID_4034

    Creative WebCam Instant

  • PID_4035

    Creative WebCam Instant

  • PID_4036

    Creative WebCam Live!

  • PID_4037

    Creative WebCam Live!

  • PID_4038

    Creative WebCam Live! Pro

    ORITE USB 2.0 CCD Webcam(PC370R)

    USB 2.0 Motor Tracking Camera

  • PID_4039

    Creative WebCam Live! Effects

  • PID_403A

    Creative WebCam NX Pro

  • PID_403C

    Creative WebCam Live! Ultra

  • PID_403D

    Creative WebCam Live! Ultra for Notebooks

  • PID_403E

    Creative WebCam Vista Plus

  • PID_4041

    Creative WebCam Live! Motion

  • PID_4045

    Live! Cam Voice

  • PID_4049

    Live! Cam Voice

  • PID_4051

    Live! Cam Notebook Pro

  • PID_4052

    Live! Cam Vista IM

  • PID_4053

    Live! Cam Video IM

  • PID_4054

    Live! Cam Video IM

  • PID_4057

    Live! Cam Optia

  • PID_4058

    Live! Cam Optia AF

    Live! Cam Optia AF (VC0100)

    VC0100 Live! Cam Optia AF

  • PID_405A

    Divi CAM525D

  • PID_405B

    Live! Cam Notebook Ultra (VC0130)

    VC0130 Live! Cam Notebook Ultra

  • PID_405F

    WebCam Vista/Live! Cam Chat

  • PID_4060

    Live! Cam Video Chat (VF0350)

  • PID_4061

    Live! Cam Notebook Pro (VF0400)

    VF0400 Live! Cam Notebook Pro

  • PID_4063

    Live! Cam Video IM Pro (VF0410)

    VF0410 Live! Cam Video IM Pro

  • PID_4064

    Live! Cam Vista IM (VF0420)

  • PID_4065

    Live! Cam Optia Pro (VF0380)

    VF0380 Live! Cam Optia Pro

  • PID_4067

    Live! Cam Video IM (VF0350)

  • PID_4068

    Live! Cam Notebook (VF0470)

  • PID_4069

    Live! Cam Video IM/Video Chat (VF0540)

    VF0540 Live! Cam Video IM/Video Chat

  • PID_406A

    Live! Cam Notebook Ultra (VF0490)

    VF0490 Live! Cam Notebook Ultra

  • PID_406B

    Live! Cam Chat IM (VF0530)

  • PID_406C

    Live! Cam Sync (VF0520)

  • PID_406D

    Live! Cam Optia AF (VF0560)

    VF0560 Live! Cam Optia AF

  • PID_4072

    Live! Cam Notebook Ultra (VF0490)

    VF0490 Live! Cam Notebook Ultra

  • PID_4080

    Live! Cam Socialize HD (VF0610)

    VF0610 Live! Cam Socialize HD

  • PID_4083

    Live! Cam Socialize (VF0640)

    VF0640 Live! Cam Socialize

  • PID_4086

    Live! Cam Socialize HD AF / ZiiCam (VF0690)

    VF0690 Live! Cam Socialize HD AF / ZiiCam

  • PID_4087

    Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 (VF0680)

    VF0680 Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080

  • PID_4088

    Live! Cam Chat HD (VF0700)

    VF0700 Live! Cam Chat HD

  • PID_4089

    Live! Cam inPerson HD VF0720

  • PID_4091

    Live! Cam inPerson HD VF0720

  • PID_4123

    MTP Device

  • PID_5015

    Broadcom Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR USB Device

    Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 USB

    Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 USB with AMP

    TECOM Bluetooth Device


    Creative Live! Camera


    Creative WebCam Live! Ultra for Notebooks

    Monitor Integrated Webcam

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