• PID_0001

    HWUN1 Hawking Technologies Hi-Gain Wireless-300N USB Adapter w/ Upgradable Antenna

  • PID_0003

    HWDN1 Hawking Technologies Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Dish Adapter

  • PID_0009

    HWUN2 Hawking Technologies Hi-Gain Wireless-150N USB Adapter w/ Upgradable Antenna

  • PID_000B

    HWDN2 Hawking Technologies Hi-Gain USB Wireless-150N Dish Adapter

  • PID_0013

    Hawking Technologies Hi-Gain Wireless-N USB Adapter

  • PID_0015

    Hawking Hi-Gain USB Wireless-N Dish Adapter

  • PID_0016

    Hawking Hi-Gain USB Wireless-G Dish Adapter

  • PID_0017

    Hawking Wireless-N Network Adapter

  • PID_0018

    Hawking Wireless-N Network Adapter

  • PID_0019

    Hawking HWDN3 Wls-N Dish Adapter

  • PID_0020

    Hawking HD45U Dual Band USB Wireless-N Adapter

    Hawking HWUN4 Wls-300N Adapter

  • PID_0021

    Hawking HD45U Dual Band Wls-450N Adapter

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